How to contact me?


There is no email link anywhere on my site.

This is mainly in order to protect my privacy and your security.

Personally, I am not very fond of the the mailto: links.

One, some people use webmail. Two, opening email clients can cause an annoying lag. Three, clicking on unknown links opening applications on the local machine can have security implications, so it's best to avoid such practice.

If you wish to contact me, you'll have to do 2 complicated and annoying steps:

1. Copy the address webmaster twisteda into any mail thingie you like.

2. Replace twisteda with @.

Now, if you feel you must send me an email, there are some basic guidelines that you should adhere to. Following these rules will make sure your email reaches my Inbox and you get a reply to your query.

1. Please, no spam, vulgarity, racism, or similar nonsense. Let's keep the communication channel civil.

2. No advertising of strange, wondrous products when not asked for, no begging for spotlight. No requests for guest or sponsored articles. It won't happen. If you think Dedoimedo can offer you the right kind of exposure, please consider using the Dedoimedo Advertisement service instead. Or if you wish to offer an alternative business proposal or commission a review, you're welcome to do that.

3. Make sure your emails are civil and courteous and can get past my spam filters. This means you should use a name of some sort, have a subject and sign your mails, too. I don't care if you use forged names, nicknames or a plain X if you want.

4. No attachments whatsoever unless explicitly asked for, including images. They get deleted at the gateway, so don't waste your efforts. The mails must also be written in plain text.

5. Please try to write in English. It's the only language I'll formally acknowledge in the correspondence.

6. I will never disclose your email names or addresses to anyone. If, for some reason, I decide to publish an email message, I will delete all personal information from the email and post the rest unchanged.

7. If I get inspired by your mails, I may write an article focusing on the idea you suggested. In this case, you will be publicly credited for any contribution you make, be it a suggestion, a typo correction or anything else, but the intellectual rights and the ownership of these articles remain in my hands.

8. Do not send me any SEO recommendations. Any email offering to 'improve' my content will automatically be labeled as spam. I do not care about your shiny big buttons and social media or how Dedoimedo displays on a smartphone.

That's about it. These 'rules' pretty much cover it. If you have something nice to say, feel free to drop me a line or two of encouragement. If you think there's something wrong, offensive, missing - or you simply think it can be done in a better, smarter, more eloquent way, I'd be honored if you contacted me.

I'll try to answer most emails within a few days. That's about it.

Enjoy your stay.

Last updated: September 2015